Dexter Stoakley

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Adventure Travel In Africa

If we talk about Africa one thing the first word that comes in our mind is “ADVENTURE”. Africa offers the wide variety of all sorts of adventure. One who is really fond of adventures and is never been to Africa then its something in adventure he is missing. Africa is land of every adventure. It’s a land of variety in diversity. From diving, mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting all sorts of adventures are available in Africa. Most adventurous sport in Africa is “safari travel”.


Life After A Break Up

When a relationship breaks down it can be one of the most traumatic periods in a person's life. It is very hard to let go of the ones we love and to face the prospects of life without someone we may have become dependent on. It is especially difficult when you are the one who was dumped. In all cases, ending a relationship comes with many emotional challenges, and it is best to have a strategy to deal with those challenges.


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