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Summer & Your Immune System!

The children of today are victims of bad diets and dead immune systems! Both parents working or a single parent home where eating on the run has become the way of life. High fat diets, sodas, chips, candy and pizza, the chosen diet for kids and they are just children and will choose the worst of the worst when left to decide for themselves. No parents, I am not condemning you just stating a fact. Too tired to cook or work late and kids are left to eat by themselves or run by the burger joint and pick up McD's choice children's' meal. I understand where it comes from.

Why Are We Killing Our Children?

Happy Meals, Coca Cola, Lunchables, Milk, Krispy Kremes; these are the things that we "reward" our children with. We tell them that if they are good at the dentist or the doctor that we will take them out for snacks. We tell them that if they clean their rooms that they can have a cookie. We tell them that if they eat all of their dinner they can have dessert. What are we as parents thinking? This has gone on for generations and I have no doubt that it will go on for many more.

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