breast cancer

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All Women Should Undergo Breast Cancer Screening

By undergoing breast cancer screening many women are saved from a painful and premature death. Early detection of the disease leads to a much better recovery rate. Changes to the breasts can occur for a number of reasons. Menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and hormonal changes can all affect the appearance and 'feel' of the breasts.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Our body is made up thousands of cells that differ in size, shape and function. Controlled by our DNA, each cell is programmed to perform certain tasks and after a specified period of time - die. This is normally done in an orderly manner. However, if our cells are exposed to carcinogens, viruses or ionizing radiation, for example, the DNA can become damaged creating havoc with this once orderly process. Said another way, if the rate of new cell growth in the body overcomes the rate of cell death, tumors can develop.

Hormone Replacement Therapy And Breast Cancer


Janet M., a fifties-something woman, entered my office and said as she sat down, "I've read that if I take hormones I'll increase my breast cancer risk. I'm going crazy without sleep and with these mood swings, but I don't want to increase my breast cancer risk by taking hormones."

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