Arun Pal Singh

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Tips To Improve Your Image at Work

The impressions we make in others mind are very important to us. It matters to us in society and it matters to us at the workplace. Each of us does have a unique talent in some or other form. But the image or the way people perceive us requires many other elements.

It sometimes happens that you are very close to a promotion and you are wondering how to prove that you are better than your hard-working colleague or may be you realized you would like to get along better with the persons you meet at work everyday.


How To Live Life The Fun Way

Happy and sad moment alternate in our lives and the problem arises when we realize we have no or very little control over them. A 100% happy life is utopist, but there are ways to train yourself to react better to problems and difficulties.
We will discuss today at some of the most frequently used methods of cheering up, no matter how big the problems might seem.


Create A Realistic Plan For Your Success

Success is the most desired ambition of the human beings. Every one of us wants to be successful. But only few endeavor towards that purpose consciously whereas others rely on luck and chance to achieve their goals.

The best example in this case is someone who wants to get rich but only has one alternative: playing the Lotto. Of course, there are chances of becoming rich over night, but how likely is it that this will actually happen?

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