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Time Management - Essential Basics Of Time Management You Should Know


Time is the most cherished thing that mankind has. Every second that passes counts and we hold the complete responsibility to make sure; to use every passing second to our maximum benefit. People use their time and energy for time management and gather information and tips in order to effectively manage time.

Stop Wasting Time

Life is often what happens to you along the way when you have planned otherwise because there are time wasters out there to throw you off the track. Your performance may not always match your intentions. To help you to increase your productivity each and every day, both on and off the job, here are five easy tips to overcome the major time wasters to help you to stop wasting time.

Time Management for Managers: Urgent vs Important

As a new manager, you are probably adding considerably to your own stress level by confusing the two ideas of urgency and importance. In his seminal book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Steven Covey gave us a four quadrant matrix, which is still very helpful today. Let me take you through the four quadrants and talk about the differences.

Quadrant: important and urgent

Achieve Your Goals This 2007


Everybody wants to achieve something yet the number of people who are actually and completely clear about their goals is disappointingly small. Most of us are caught in some kind of imitation behavior where our goals are merely 1 fraction above what the neighbors have achieved. This is not the right approach. If you weigh 200 pounds and read an advertisement that can help you shed half of that in a month then you are being gullible. A goal needs realistic milestones that are laid down in sequence and achieved consecutively.


Time is wealth;
Time is health;
Time is power;
Time is strength.

Time is the essence of life

Time is everything
But time is nothing,
without proper planning.
Its just the wastage of time
And God never forgive those who waste their time

All influential people,
All important people,
All successful people,
Have one thing in common

They all value their time.
For them,
Time is everything!

Do you value your time and the time of others?

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