decision making

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Importance of thinking for yourself

It is important for every human being to be able to think for himself or herself. We all have a different set of tastes, beliefs, preferences, personalities, goals, and lives. This combination makes us unique. Therefore something that might work for one person might not be suitable for another. Can all of us be good at Mathematics? Do all of us want to become doctors? Of course not. We should find what interests us and then pursue it.

Reduce Anxiety About Decision Making

What’s the alternative to making decisions?

Allowing someone else, or circumstances, to make them for you.

And that is giving up control of your life. That’s giving up all power to your life to other people or circumstance. And that will make you miserable

It reminds me of walking through a wonderful food buffet where you could have anything you want -- 0 calories! -- and allowing someone else to decide what you took on your plate. Unacceptable!

Five Ways Executives Can Make Better Decisions

Did you know that half of all managerial decisions fail? How much time, money, reputation, and morale is your business losing because of failed managerial decisions? Do you want to improve those odds and reap higher profits? Here are five things you can do right now to make better decisions--and the resultant more money--for your company:

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