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Strategies to Help You Stick With a Healthy Eating Plan for Life

How many times have you started a healthy eating plan only to have your good intentions gradually slip away? When that happens, you may find yourself back where you started and frustrated with your lack of ability to keep on track. Most people know how to eat right, but maintaining what you have started is another matter. Here are five strategies to help you make healthy eating habits stick.

Set Reasonable, Attainable Goals:

Decide what your most important goals are and write them down. Goals need to be specific and measurable. Spell out what you will do, how often and when.


Thinking About Another Diet? Think Again!

For those of you who have made multiple attempts at weight loss, following the latest diet craze is hard to resist. After all, even though other diets have failed, you may think the latest new diet might finally be "the one that works". Remember The Cookie Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet or The HCG diet? One diet even recommended eating cotton balls before meals! These crazy ideas can be hazardous to your health. Do you know anyone who went on a crazy diet, lost weight and kept it off?

How Do I Know If I Have Pre-Diabetes?

In order to know whether you have pre-diabetes or not, it is helpful to understand exactly what pre-diabetes means. The term pre-diabetes is used to describe the state between normal blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. At one time, physicians used to refer to pre-diabetes as "having a touch of sugar," or "borderline diabetes". Fortunately, these terms are no longer used! Somehow having a touch of sugar does not convey the urgency or importance of taking steps to correct a potentially serious health issue.

Eating for Pre-Diabetes is Easier Than You Think!

Many people who learn they have pre-diabetes believe that they will need to make drastic changes in the way that they eat. Actually, the components of a healthful pre-diabetes meal plan works much in the same way that any healthy eating plan would work. By following a few simple principles, the person with pre-diabetes can benefit considerably. A well thought out eating plan should focus on portion control and a variety of nutrient dense foods. Weight loss, blood sugar control and improved nutrition are the most obvious benefits when you begin to eat in this way.

Peak Nutrition Tips For Busy People

Our world and lifestyles have changed a great deal over the past decade. Ask anyone what they think is different now compare to 10 years ago, and they will likely tell you they have less time, more stress and they are working harder than ever. Constantly feeling rushed or stressed is something that tends to creep up on you, until one day you suddenly realize that life is not quite the same as it used to be.

Mediterraneans Face Obesity Despite Their Famous Diet

Just when it seems like many Americans have begun to embrace the Mediterranean diet for its health benefits, people in the Mediterranean countries are abandoning the traditional way of eating in favor of the "American" diet. Italy, Spain and Greece are now experiencing the obesity epidemic first hand, with Italy having the highest percentage of obese people in Europe today. In Italy and Greece, people today eat roughly four times more meat than they did 40-50 years ago.

The Cookie Diet... Really

The Cookie Diet... Really?

In the last few years, I've noticed that more people are beginning to embrace the idea that weight loss involves making healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. This comes as welcome news to myself and all of the other dietitians out there who have been trying to promote that very idea for years. But then, another fad diet emerges which starts to cast doubt, and those who have been trying to escape the dieting mentality once and for all begin to wonder if this new plan may just be the one that finally works…..enter the Cookie Diet!

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