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7 Tips To Breathe Better Through Your Nose

Most people take breathing through their nose for granted. But for many chronic mouth breathers, breathing through the nose is a struggle, if not impossible. Not only is their quality of life diminished, but they'll also have a variety of other health-related conditions such as dry mouth, snoring, fatigue, and poor sleep. In this article, I'll talk about 7 ways that you can breathe better through your nose naturally.

How 6 minutes can change your life…. FOREVER!!


In this issue, I'm going to tell you about a SINGLE technique that has helped thousands get over their blues and stress.

As a valued subscriber, I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Its 2:00 pm, you are in the middle of work – well, chill out for 6 minutes. The 3-STEP routine that follows will DRAMATICALLY improve your life!!

Sit erect but comfortably in your chair. Do it best by pushing your hips right up till the backrest so that there is no slouching. Rest your arms comfortably.

STEP 1: Stimulate relaxation (2 minutes)

Fight Stress And Win

There is a very simple formula for preventing stress so you can relax. BREATHING + FOOD + EXERCISE + SLEEP + CONFIDENCE + LAUGHTER = RELAXATION

The Powerful Antioxidant You Cannot Eat Or Drink

Have you ever taken a bite out of an apple and then set it down for a while?

What happens?

The inner part of the apple will start to turn from a nice yellow to a gross-looking brown. And if you leave it sitting there long enough, and the apple will eventually rot - fast. This is called oxidative damage. Electrons within the apple are getting ripped out by the air.


The Miracle of Breath

Do you ever stop and think what an amazing thing our breath is? Probably not. Most of us never give it a thought. It is something we take for granted. Rarely do we stop and think about how it is our life force and without it we would not be alive. Breathing is so simple and intrinsic to our life that we usually don't think about it and most of us are unaware that we breathe improperly. We are taught at an early age to suck in our stomachs and puff out our chests. This is in complete contradiction to proper breathing.

Learn breathing? the yoga way


With the ever-increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases like cardio-vascular and nervous system disorders, the time has come for us to address this ourselves, fair and square WITHOUT external dependence.

Did you know that reprogramming your natural breathing technique would not only help in preventing these problems but also help in the "reversal" of several such harmful conditions?

Yes, it's not only possible but proven too. In fact leading cardiac experts are advocating the benefits of "correct" breathing to their patients.

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