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How to Be a Leader at Work


Most organizations have at least one person who is a natural leader. When it is announced she will be leading a new team, employees line up to join. When he asks for a volunteer for an assignment, people jump at the chance. Employees turn to her as a mentor, or look to him as a role model.

Meanwhile, others in the organization are struggling to do their job with too few human resources. So how do natural leaders do it? What is their secret to getting people to go the extra mile for them?

Think Like A Kid

I was taking a walk around my neighborhood recently and was befriended by a six-year-old girl. This charming child decided to impart her life wisdom on me. Here are the lessons I learned:

Enjoy your Retirement on the Internet!

After retirement, many folks rush out to buy computers and get hooked up to the Internet. Why? Because of the seemingly endless resources available to them in any category imaginable!


The 6 stages of Learning

Have you ever stopped to consider how you know what you know? In reality, you think, say, and do what you do because of what you have learned. Obviously, there have been some good lessons, some not-so-good ones, and even some lessons you seem to keep re-learning. So what is going on when you learn? There are many words and metaphors for the idea of learning. We can talk about knowledge, ideas, information, wisdom, intelligence, IQ, street smarts, on-the-job training, real-life experience, formal/informal learning, high school and college, and let?s not forget about the school of hard knocks.


Can Stress Make You Fat?

You've heard that stress can kill you--that it's a risk factor for high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes--but is it also a risk factor for obesity? Is it really fast food that has made Americans the fattest people in the world? Or is it something more insidious?

The New Health Miracle: Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil


Dr. Barry Sears revolutionized nutritional thinking around the world with his 1995 landmark #1 New York Times best seller The Zone. With The Zone, and his subsequent bestselling Zone books, Dr. Sears describes how a scientifically proven plan of moderate carbohydrate consumption balanced with appropriate amounts of protein and fat may help you live a longer and better life.




Something profound happened to me the other day. Actually, profound things happen to all of us every day. It's just a matter of paying attention. That's another story for another day.

Something occurred, the circumstances not particularly relevant. What is relevant is my reaction, the awareness of my mind set, what I did with the feelings and the outcome.

Nothing In-Between

Are you on the right track?

Stop for a while, look at the map, see the directions, consult someone, seek guidance and then start your journey towards success with full confidence, without the slightest doubt of being derailed.

Learning a Foreign Lanuage

Reden Sie Schwyzertüütsch?

oder sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Grüezi mitenand, (hello everybody) thanks for dropping in again.

Having spent 7 years living and working near Zürich, Switzerland, I was kinda forced to learn to speak German. Not that many people speak it daily in that part of the world.

Swiss-German was what I mainly heard and that made my job twice as hard to learn the official language of Switzerland - High-German. Watching television was the only way I could see and hear real German being spoken by Germans.


Creating A Healthy Skin and Clearing Acne Naturally

Acne affects more than 20 million teenagers, and hundreds of adults according to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). It is the most common problem in the United States. Many over the counter remedies exist and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent yearly on them. I have come up with some inexpensive home remedies that work perfectly well and are healthier for the skin.

ACNE Symptoms: Persistent, recurrent pimples or skin blemishes on the skin. Acne is commonly found on the face but can also occur on the chest, shoulder, neck and upper portion of the back.


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