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Goal Setting Secrets to Jump Start Your Life


"Plan for the future, because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life."
- Mark Twain

Another year is upon us and you have your list of resolutions or goals you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. It's time to plan your goals so that it's not just another conversation this year, but a focused plan for success. I will share with you five goal setting techniques guaranteed to help you achieve more out of life. Use the goal setting techniques listed below to help you achieve your targets:

1. Be SMARTER with your Goals.

Make your goals:


5 Promotion Secrets to Get the Job You Want


You Mean I Need to Promote Myself to Get a Promotion?

Time and time again I hear the following from students in my career advancement workshops:

- My work speaks for itself - I shouldn't have to tell anyone about my skills.'
- Why did they hire from the outside, I am already doing what's required of that position?'
- Why did they get the job, I have more skills and experience than they do?'
- How come my name is never mentioned when promotions come up in conversation?'


Five Secrets to Creating Your Dream Career


There are countless career opportunities in this economy for you to create your dream job. Why be unhappy with your career when you can create the perfect job that leads to a happy fulfilling career using a little creativity?

The following are seven secrets to creating your dream job and very successful career:

What Do You Want to Achieve in Your Career?

Seven Secrets to Being the Leader Everyone Wants to Follow


In this changing, challenging, and competitive workplace, we can’t overestimate the importance of good management. Good managers will consistently motivate you to perform at higher levels of productivity. Bad managers will drive you crazy and eventually out of the organization. Managers with poor skills will frequently produce the following results:

1. Decreased productivity
2. Increased turnover
3. Increased absences
4. Increased human resources mediation situations
5. Increased customer service complaints

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