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Iloilo, Philippines - Top Must Visiting Tourist Attractions

Situated in the Western Visayas region, Iloilo is a province of Philippines.The localites of this province are called Ilonggos, who speak two local languages one is Hiligaynon and the otherone is Kinaray-a.Fiesta is a major festival of Iloilo celebrated annually in every town of this province.It is a colorful event.As far as tourism is concerned, it is one of the major sources of its economy.

Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Thailand construes to mean ‘the land of the free’ and true to its name, there are so many free things that you can only get in Thailand. Thailand lies in the heart and soul of Southeast Asia and is arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Be it the mouth watering dishes, lush green forests, the soothing winds, and the alluring beaches, you are sure to experience true exotic beauty, but only upon visiting Thailand.

Attractions in and around downtown Halifax

Halifax is a lively waterfront city with a rich history. It has a relatively mild climate compared to the rest of Canada. Halifax offers plenty to see and do whether you enjoy arts & culture, sight-seeing, history or water activities. Most of the best attractions are within walking distance in downtown.

- Citadel Hill
- Old Town Clock
- Public Gardens
- Halifax Boardwalk
- Halifax Harbour Ferry
- World Peace Pavilion
- Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
- Canadian Museum of Immigration
- Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
- McNab Island
- Point Pleasant

Citadel Hill

Top Travel Destinations in Spain

Spain is a tourists' attraction and a popular travel destination favorite. It is a very popular country for tourist in Europe, with travelers flocking in to sample great food, friendly and fun locals, unique lifestyle, and not to mention the numerous tourists' attractions such as beaches, historical sites, and breathtaking country sides. And with its excellent weather all year round, your perfect travel in Spain can offer you the once-in-a-lifetime vacation travel. Here are some of the well-known travel destinations in Spain you should check out:

Canary Islands Tours

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