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Get Your Thrills with Monster-Size Smoky Mountain Attractions

For some people, Smoky Mountain attractions are all about the serene, majestic beauty of the outdoors. For others, it's the excitement and glitz of Dollywood or the Hollywood Wax Museum. But for a few brave souls who are in the know, the best attractions in the Smokies are all about the monsters!

What Do You Prize Most in Mid-life?

The big question: What's really important?

The message I deliver most to mid-life professionals is that a key ingredient of happiness is finding vocational passion. It's finding the perfect alignment of interests and abilities that make going to work seem like it isn't work at all.

People who find the magic balance tend to be healthier and more energetic. In turn, they find more satisfaction in
other areas of their lives.

Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work

If you have a $100.000.000 in the bank, drive new Lexus, look like a movie star and have a perfect health save yourself some time and do not read this article. This article is for people, who don't have all these things, but are planning on changing that slight inconvenience.

So how do you change it?

The Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Applying for a Mortgage

You’ve been thinking about buying your own home for quite a long time, and now you’re ready to take the plunge. You’ve been saving money for a down payment, and you know the next step is preparing to apply for a mortgage.

But where do you start?

Here are the top 5 things you need to know before approaching a mortgage lender.

1. Understand Your Options

All mortgages are not created equal. There are several different types, which vary based on interest rates and payment terms.

For example:

Confidence Building With Enthusiasm

You have the power to enthusiastically undertake a program of personal confidence building. Does this statement surprise you?

It shouldn't, because you were born with the power to observe, make reasonable assumptions and decisions.

How you develop your power depends upon your personality as well as the environment you grew up in. As youngsters (and adults as well) you may have been told that you are stupid, dumb, no good, etc.

Don't you believe it!

Three Key Behaviors That Determine Your Success

Success is a journey and along the way, we need to correct our course by unlearning the behavior that derails us and invite in a new behavior to continue our success. If you feel you want to change your success, take a measure of your current key behaviors.


Eliminate Boredom In Your Career

The truth is our careers can be boring. We wake up everyday at the same time, take the same route to work, eat the same breakfast, see the same people, work on the same projects, and then we go home and get ready for the next day. All while counting the days to the weekend.

If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!


When Betty first came to me she was taking seven medications, had severe osteoarthritis, could barely walk, was in constant pain and had to catheterize herself daily—among other things. She had heard that making dietary changes could be beneficial to her health, but doubted it could work for her. Betty sought nutrition and health coaching only because she could no longer afford her medications and her friend had insisted.

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