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Start a New Tradition with a Holiday Cruise


What has dozens of Christmas trees, miles of twinkling lights, gallons of eggnog, and a Santa in swim trunks? An unforgettable holiday cruise, of course. While spring and summer might instantly come to mind when you dream of luxury cruising, the holiday season is the perfect time to book a festive cruise for the whole family.

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From Ancient To Futuristic - Singapore Has It All


The home page of the official Singapore tourism site suggests that you'll "discover a world of unique contrasts" when visiting this island. Nothing could be truer! From ancient culture to modern luxury. from mystical old traditions to mind-blowing sci-fi exhibits in the Singapore Science Center, you'll find
plenty to see and do. Interested in the past? Present? Future? Singapore delivers enough unique entertainment for the entire family.

Jurong Bird Park


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