positive thoughts

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In Thirty Minutes

In just 30 minutes a day, you can be on your way to success and happiness. Am I kidding? No, I am not. Take my words seriously. I am going to tell you a simple but highly effective success formula. Follow me.

Before going to bed, do not watch TV, movies or listen to music. Most people do this mistake and, therefore, remain unsuccessful and unhappy. You may not agree with me but this is a fact. After a hectic day’s work our mind and body need rest in complete silence. Before going to bed you need to switch off all kind of external noise and calm down internally.

Think Positively to Change Your Life

These days it can be really difficult to think positively. It seems like every day there is more bad news about the economy, and no one really knows when a change is going to come or when the bad times are going to end, or even how bad it's going to get before things turn around.

Magnetize your Mind

The mind is like a plastic bag, or a piece of cellophane, with which we wrap objects. The bag, or the cellophane, takes the form of its contents. If the contents are long and slim, it becomes long and slim. If the contents are round, it becomes round. If the contents are square, it becomes square.

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