Alan Detwiler

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Vegetable Gardening During Global Warming

The earth is warming. It seems most scientists think humans are at least partly responsible. If the scientists are right, we should all work together to reduce how much CO2 we are putting into the atmosphere.

Kitchen Gardening During Drought

Temperatures worldwide have been rising. They may continue to rise. Longer and more severe droughts are forecasted. Special strategies are needed by gardeners to deal with increased water needs of garden plants.


Preparing For A Widespread Disaster

There are at least seven global or widespread disasters that seem likely to occur at sometime in the future. A large asteroid hitting the earth is one of those seven. It is generally accepted by scientists that asteroids have struck the earth in the past causing widespread damage. It is believed that asteroids will continue to collide with the earth every now and then. Maybe every sixty million years a big one comes along that is large enough to have a global effect on survival of earth'sliving things. The chances of such an event happening in a particular person's lifetime are tiny.


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