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The Incredible Power of Beliefs


Why are some people able to achieve so much more out of their lives than others? Why are some people able to produce outstanding, extraordinary results, exceeding what is commonly expected?

Is it because they have a lot more talent or capability? Do they have superior resources that other people lack?

Did the Wright brothers, inventors of the airplane, possess more aerodynamic and engineering expertise than the sum of all the engineers and inventors of their time?

Model Successful People's Physiology of Excellence


Well, what do we model about a person specifically? Remember that one of the key things that drive a person's behaviour is the states that they experience.

People are successful primarily because they are in resourceful states. People perform the way they do because of the states they experience.

For example, if you wanted to model a powerful public speaker, it would be best to model that person's state. So you too will feel the same level of confidence and power and are able to express yourself in an equally dynamic way.


How to Develop an Effective Strategy To Reach Your Goals


You can have all the drive and energy, but without the right strategy, you will never get what you want. By the same token, every outcome is possible, given an effective strategy.

For example, imagine yourself as the small business owner of a fruit shop that makes $10,000 in profits a month. Let's say that you decided to set a goal of increasing profits to $15,000 a month.

Would that be possible? Probably. You could work a lot harder, raise prices, increase trading hours, sell on-line or create a loyalty program.

How To Become a Master Communicator And Influence People


How do we become a master communicator, someone who is always able to influence others in a powerful way?

What happens when we do not get the response that we want? We have two choices!

We can choose to blame the other person for not being receptive, for being unreasonable, close minded, stupid etc... But you know what? By doing this, there is nothing more we can do about it! We have shut the door on them.

For traditional communication theory, when two people communicate, both have an equal, i.e. 50% responsibility, for the success of the communication.

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