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Scuba Diving In Boracay Islands


Boracay is a beautiful tropical island located at 200 miles (315km) south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This island resort is one of Philippines' most popular tourist destinations because it is consistently voted by popular scuba diving and travel magazines as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

Tourist Attractions in Koh Samui Island Resort


The Thai resort island Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand after the famous James Bond island of Phuket. The island is roughly circular in shape and is located just off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus which is near the mainland town of Surat Thani and it is also one of the most popular tourist attraction in the Kingdom of Thailand.

How To Sing With Passion And Emotion


Two singers may be singing the same song with the same musical arrangement and yet, one singer delivers the song with such feel and passion that get the teary eyed audience clapping away non stop whilst the other singer just belts out the song to a bored audience. Guess who will be the superstar and who will always be the mediocre singer? Why is this so?

Popular Tourist Attractions in Russia


The Russian Federation or simply Russia for short is a vast transcontinental country straddling the continents of Asia and Europe with Moscow as its capital city. With a massive territory covering 6,592,800 sq miles (17,075,400 sq km), Russia is the largest country in the world spanning across eleven time zones and covering more than one eighth of the world's land area.

Great Wall of China Tourist Attraction


Now if you have traveled to China for a vacation holiday or on a business trip, people will inevitably ask you whether you have visited The Great Wall of China? Why is this tourist attraction in China so attractive? It is because if you have not gone sightseeing at the Great Wall of China, then your China vacation is missing out a great deal. Here is why.

Dubai Tourist Attractions


Before we take a look at some of the tourist attractions in Dubai, here are some facts and information about this Middle Eastern city.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that made up the oil rich United Arab Emirates commonly referred to as UAE. This city sits snug in the eastern Arabian Peninsula and is also UAE's main city.

How Weight Loss Diets May Damage Your Skin


We all know that sun exposure and smoking can cause skin damage. However, do you know that getting on a weight loss diet can also damage your skin?

Many people went on crash starvation diets, managed to lose weight drastically, but before they can rejoice on their weight loss success, they ended up worrying about their sagging skin. So if you are on a drastic diet to lose weight, don't be surprised to find new wrinkles on your face and other skin damages.

How To Lose Belly Fat Get Flat Stomach


So you have a problem in losing weight and in particular, getting rid of your belly fat? Your problem may be due to insulin resistance and a high level of the hormone called cortisol. Research has shown that high levels of cortisol stimulate the storage of fat around the tummy area.

There are several reasons why your cortisol level may be high and one of them is insulin. The more insulin you have in your bloodstream, the more cortisol you have. Thus as your insulin rises, your cortisol level rises proportionately.

How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth?


You gained weight when you were pregnant because you ate more in order to feed yourself and your baby. As your baby grows inside you, you will also get heavier because of the combined weight of the baby, your enlarged placenta and its content.

Most new mothers will immediately lose between 8-15 pounds after giving birth and what is left of the pregnancy weight gain will take some effort to shed. In order to lose these extra pounds, you now have to make some lifestyle changes such as eating the right foods as well as taking up an exercise program.

Ski Resorts In France


The ski resorts of Les Arcs and La Plagne in France is surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and both ski resorts attract phenomenal amount of skiing enthusiasts on vacation in France and Europe. La Plagne is like a space city, with its own suburban satellites and at least 2.5 million so called 'skier days' and is arguably the single most visited ski resort in the world along with its link to neighboring Les Arcs ski resort. With so many visitors to La Plagne and Les Arcs, it follows that there are many hotels and accommodations to cater to the skiers and tourists alike.

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