Colleen Palat

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Take Care Of Your Heart: You Only Have One!

Your heart is an amazing organ. Think about it: your heart works hard each and every day of your life making sure your body runs smoothly. Knowing this, how many of us are really aware of what our heart needs? How many of us really think about the health of our heart on a daily basis?

Taking care of our heart is one of THE most important health actions we can take in order to enhance our life. It's time to start taking care of that precious organ: your heart.


Reducing Your Risk Of A Stroke

160,000 people are victims of fatal strokes each year, making this the number three cause of death among Americans. Suffering a stroke falls right behind heart disease and cancer! With so many people suffering from strokes, it is crucial that we identify the risks and the ways to reduce our chances of suffering from a stroke.

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when brain cells die from a disruption in blood flow to the brain. A blocked artery is an example of an event that can cause blood from flowing to the brain causing a blockage.

What are the risk factors?


Anti-Aging Eating

In this day and age, people are living longer and longer, which is fantastic news for us all! Human advances in medicine and other pertinent areas have extended the average lifespan for humans to 77.2 years!

A longer lifespan is great news for us all, yet as we get older, it's typical to experience a variety of aged-related problems. While living longer is our goal, I think we all agree we can do without the physical aging part. What can be done to combat the aging process?

Recently, scientists have identified some key nutrients in food that can help with anti-aging.

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