Julie S. Rayburn

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How to Stop Giving Away Your Health For a Doughnut!

As I write this article, 65% of American men and 62% of American women are overweight. 22% of our children are overweight and 0% of them are obese. All of this despite the fact that Americans spend an average $40 billion a year on diet and weight loss related products! For $40 billion a year, you would think that we would be getting better results than we obviously are.

Seven Ways to Lose 10 Pounds This Month!

It's almost like the quest for world peace. It's something everyone says they want, yet very few ever do what it takes to move them in a permanent positive direction. It is the focus of so many people's lives, yet their successes are few and far between. So what am I talking about? Weight loss! How many people do you meet in the course of a day who would not like to lose a few pounds? Not very many, I bet.

Why Are We Killing Our Children?

Happy Meals, Coca Cola, Lunchables, Milk, Krispy Kremes; these are the things that we "reward" our children with. We tell them that if they are good at the dentist or the doctor that we will take them out for snacks. We tell them that if they clean their rooms that they can have a cookie. We tell them that if they eat all of their dinner they can have dessert. What are we as parents thinking? This has gone on for generations and I have no doubt that it will go on for many more.

Can You Love Yourself?

Can you love yourself? At first thought, this question almost seems ridiculous. I want to explore this question in a context that most people probably have not thought of before. Look at it from the eyes of an overweight individual.

When you wake up in the morning, do you thank God that you are alive, jump out of bed ready to challenge your body and improve it by doing some morning aerobics? Or do you drag yourself out of bed cursing the fact that everything aches, wishing you could stay in bed all day?

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