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How Your Face Reveals Your Health

Your face is a road map of your mind (it shows your personality), and your health. The different parts of your face reveals the status of your health. Those parts also correlate with different organs of the body and their healthiness. Remember thesehealth conditions MAY be indicated, and not for certain. Check with your doctor if you suspect problems. Any imbalance in the diet can cause an imbalance in facial features.

Fight Stress And Win

There is a very simple formula for preventing stress so you can relax. BREATHING + FOOD + EXERCISE + SLEEP + CONFIDENCE + LAUGHTER = RELAXATION

9 Tips To Improve Your Voice

How much talking do you do during the day?

We take our voices for granted. A lot of tension forms in our throats and larynx. These simple fun exercises can help you.

6 Tips to a Better Voice

1. Feel your throat muscles and jaw when you are speaking. Note the tenseness.
2. Open mouth wide. Yawn and say "Ho Hum." Close your lips. As you do, drop your jaw and waggle it from side to side.
3. Repeat the yawning and humming. Note how the throat muscles loosen & Removes strain.



Author: Kathy Thompson
Published: 2004-03-04
If you drop a bomb, you kill not only your enemies but your friends as well. This is the effect food additives have on humans.

Man has existed for thousands of years, and only started using additives at the start of the industrial revolution, when women were set free. Most animals eat their food when and where it is grown. Not humans. Man, because of his concentrated urban areas, was forced to ship and process his food.

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