Chris Peterson

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Healthy Eating For Your Heart

High cholestrol through a lousy diet happens to alot of people. It`s extremely hard to lead a full life of healthy eating practices. Eating healthy for your a healthy heart is vital for a long life. Your heart is the most important organ next to your brain.

Your heart and your diet
Doctors and nutritionists have known this for years. Heart disease can be brought on by a diet that includes lots of saturated fats. Overweight People are more prone to heart disease. Consumming too much sodium in your diets will lead to high blood pressure.

Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Happiness is not some potion or spell. It is a belief system that we all have in us. Some people are just more aware that it is there.
As I walk down the street, I notice a woman walking by me, with a frown on her face. Her face looks aged to me. The frown makes her face look wrinkly and old.

I make it to my destination, the coffee shop. The owner is a happy guy that always greets me with a "Hi Chris, How have you been". He always has a big smile on his face and people love talking to him because he`s always cheery.

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