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Every chest pain is not a heart attack

ALL that glitters is not gold and every chest pain is not a heart attack. It is not rare to see patients having chest pain panicking and living under the fear of death due to heart attack even when the cause of the pain is not in the heart but elsewhere. It is important to know the various causes of pain that may resemble cardiac pain so that this situation is avoided.



As large numbers of people, especially young women in developed countries, prepare to get an artificial tan in readiness for summer, the United Nations health agency today underscored the heightened risk of skin cancer from such sunbeds, warning that nobody under age 18 should use them and urging stronger state regulation.

How to Use Fear to Your Advantage

The invisible force surrounded him, squeezing tightly around his chest. His eyes became wide and bewildered.

Suddenly his mind raced with dark thoughts, his stomach churned, and he became engulfed with a sense of hopelessness.

This man had just come face to face with FEAR. Now he had a life altering choice to make, one that we all must face: Fight it off, or let it destroy his dreams.

You will never face a more worthy adversary than your own fear. It knows all of your weaknesses, and it will try to use them against you.

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