Natalie Katsman

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Acne DOs and DON'Ts

Every little thing counts when it comes to fighting acne and keeping it under control. After all, zits are not that big themselves, they just bug us in a big way. We don't always realize that seemingly insignificant things can help us look better (or worse, depending on what they are), while intentionally following myths, we do more harm than good to the skin.

Here are a few things to consider if you don't want to see those pimples pop up.


Be a Change Master!

The person who masters change, masters happiness.

The best way to thrive in today's ever-fluid, volatile world, is to become a master of change. A "Change Master" not only welcomes, invites and celebrates the flux of constantly evolving life, but also consciously drives and directs these rhythms. When you live "smart," you drive change. You don't have to let change drive you. When you shift from a "resistance-to-change" mindset toward a self-empowered frame of mind, you unlock your vitality, creativity and spirit.

Change, the Unwelcome Guest

Don't Let Your Skin Go Dry

Water makes up 60% of the human body. Not only blood and other body fluids have water as their main ingredient, water is stored in all body tissues. Cytoplasm, cells and cell walls contain lots of water. Skin is a large water storage, yet it gets dry, itchy and flaky. Why?


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