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7 Secrets to Finding Joy

To pursue happiness is an inalienable right. To experience happiness is not. No one owes you happiness. No one can ensure your happiness. Happiness is a choice-your choice.

The key to experiencing happiness is to put joy on your life agenda along with completing tasks and goals. Joy is a direct result of intention. Your intention determines how you experience each moment of your day, each aspect of your world. As you go through your daily activities, ask yourself, "What's my intention?" A clear, strong intention for happiness helps you stay focused on fun and joy.


We desire to find the path to peace, joy and freedom. We strive to feel lovable, worthy and secure. We know that if we do our inner work and open to our connection with Spirit, we will feel all of that. Yet we don't. We put it off for days or weeks. We stay stuck in our misery or numbness. Why? What are we so afraid of if we open to learning about loving?

I have searched for many years for the answer to this question. Over and over I would find myself out of grace and joy and into anxiety and stress. Each time it was because I failed to take care of myself in some way.

Six ways to build high self confidence

Unstoppable confidence is the unshakable belief in yourself and what you are capable of. With confidence, people pursue their goals and persevere until they achieve them. Without confidence, time passes as the people stay stuck in their rigid comfort zones, unable to escape. Here are six ways to build high self-confidence.

1. Clarify your values and set goals

For Women: Why Ice Is Nice

Ice therapy is a women's best friend. Really! I'm not kidding. When it comes to alternative medicine, using ice is an easy, drug- free and inexpensive therapy right out of your freezer. The simple technique of `icing' is used to lessen pain and decrease inflammation, but it has many more uses, particularly for women.


Exploring The Exotic - Antarctica Cruise

Antarctica is one of the great unexplored areas of the world. It wasn’t until the last fifty years that there has been any appreciable exploration or study of the vast frozen continent. Now the tourist with sufficient money can actually view and set foot on this unique part of the earth.


Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub

To promote radiant, shiny skin tone it is advisable to exfoliate on a regular basis at least every 15 days. It removes dead cells and clears your skin. You'll love the results.

• 1/2 cup of brown sugar
• 1 spoon of orange oil or half a fresh squeeze orange
• 1 spoon of vitamin E oil

• Mix brown sugar, orange oil/juice, and vitamin E oil on a bowl.
• Get on tub and get wet.
• Take a handful of mixed ingredients and scrub in a gentle circular motion.
• Rinse off and apply a moisturizing lotion to re-hydrate skin.

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7 Healthy Ways To Release Holiday Stress

Many people go through the motions during Christmas. If not the whole holiday season just parts. I see them slumped in line, not a smile to be found, their body stiff, just counting the number of people ahead of them, and time. Gift giving or even receiving is right, wrong, good, bad, or considered a waste. The control of it all, tightens the body, encompasses the soul, and buries the magic. Where is the release or where do we begin? It starts mindfully with a choice, movement in the body, and a change of spirit.


Cutting Cholesterol Naturally

When most people think of cholesterol, they think of the waxy fat- like substance that is found in many of the foods we eat. Often feared, the truth is that cholesterol is needed by the body for a number of different things. For example it is used in the manufacture and maintenance of strong cell walls, it is critical for hormone and vitamin D production, it even is used to coat the nerve cells in the body.

The Power of Stretching


Your muscles ache from a good stretch. This is quite normal and is part of the process. Stretching has seemingly been with us and particular with athletes since the beginning of time.

A very key point to good stretching is to hold the stretch for at least seventeen seconds. This is a pearl of wisdom gleaned from a ballet teacher a few years back. She said that any stretch under 17 seconds was just not effective.

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