how to achieve success

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Test Your Attitude Toward Success

The amount of success you have in life is strongly related to the attitude you have towards success. So what is your attitude towards success? What does that mean for you? Take the 5-minute test below; you may be surprised at the results you get.

Select one of the three answers to the questions below, and then compute your score based on the instructions at the end of the test

(A) I have a clear idea of what success means to me.
(B) I have no idea what success means to me.
(C) I have somewhat of an idea what success means to me.

(A) I always seek advice and feedback.

How to Become a Successful Person

It’s a dream of everybody to become a successful person. Isn’t it? Then why most people remain losers and unsuccessful throughout their lives? A very simple answer! They do not possess the required qualities of a successful person. You cannot win unless you develop a winning aptitude within you. In order to become a successful person you need to know the characteristics of a successful person which I am giving below, in brief:

1. Education and Skills

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