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Living On What's Left


Are you one of those people that pay your bills no matter what? That is an admirable trait to have when managing your money. You made the bill and you feel you are responsible for paying it. Good for you.

Now let's talk about how much money you have to cover your household expenses after you pay all of those bills. Your household expenses would include your groceries, car gas, school lunches, and all of the other stuff that it takes to run a household. Do you have enough to pay this bill?


How To Look Thinner

There is no need to worry too much if your weight loss programme is going along slowly. That is often the case. If you want to give yourself a boost, though, and at least look thinner, there are a few tips that may help you. There is no harm in a bit of illusion, especially if it can boost your confidence. Here are just a few of the tips:

1. This one is for women, as make-up can be a friend in this illusion of looking thin. It is a special tool that can make some changes in favour of a thinner looking you.


Credit Cards - Can You Do Without Them?


As we all know credit card debt is out of control. The credit card debt is currently $8400 per household at an average annual percentage rate of 14.7 percent. In fact, about 18% of all consumer spending is on credit cards and is expected to reach 30% by 2006.

If you pay your credit cards off each month or don't mind paying the interest they charge, by all means use them. However, entirely too many households are experiencing serious problems paying their bills because of their credit card debt.


Elderly Need to Drink More Water

Dehydration is one of the most frequent causes of hospitalization among people over the age of 65.

An article in Nurse Practitioner concluded that "Dehydration is the most common fluid and electrolyte disturbance among the elderly population today."

Water is important to all bodily processes say medical experts. Water carries nutrients, hormones, and disease fighting cells and antibodies to and from body organs through the bloodstream. Water carries carbon dioxide and waste products to the lungs, intestinal tract and kidneys to be excreted.

Celery Lowers Blood Pressure

Eating celery regularly can control high blood pressure without the use of drugs according to China's Hunan Hemotological Research Center.

Celery contains a naturally occurring chemical called "apigenin" which has been shown to dilate the blood vessels and contribute to preventing high blood pressure. Celery also contains very small amounts of a chemical in called 3- n-butylphtalide (3nb) which lowers blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels.

3nb also lowers the level of stress hormones called catacholamines.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Walking for Exercise

Walking for exercise is a purposeful, brisk walk specifically designed for the purpose of improving health. It is one of the best and cheapest forms of exercise. If you want to improve your general health and keep fit, or if you want to reduce your weight, walking is a good place to start.

Walking keeps you fit and helps you take off extra weight and keep it off. It's cheap, it's simple and almost anybody can do it. Walking has a multitude of health benefits for everyone. Here are some of its many benefits:

- Helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

How To Get Motivated When You Have An Off Day

Sometimes you just donĀ“t have the energy to get excited, motivated or inspired enough to do what has to be done.

What can you do on days like these?

There are three simple yet powerful ways to pull yourself out of a slump. And best of all you can start using these strategies today.

1. Complete Something

It is very important to start and finish something when you need to get back on track.

Pick a small task, one that can be done in 5-10 minutes. Then ignore everything else and devote all of your attention to completing that task.

The 12 Motivational Tools That Guarantee Success

The standard for success across the globe is having a vision that compels you to succeed. Motivation is the key in accomplishing all your goals.

No matter how many years you spend in a classroom or from what social class or lifestyle, motivation is the common factor among those who are high achievers.

Finding the tools to put meaning and purpose in your life, developing a vision, and becoming highly motivated can lead you towards a successful and exciting life.

Here are 12 motivational tools that can bring you success:

5 Practical Shyness Tips

We all experience a little shyness at times with people who we find intimidating. Here are some useful suggestions and ideas that can help you overcome shyness and speak up when you need to in order to achieve your goals...

1. Shyness is a problem for millions of people around the world and unfortunately, there is not a magic potion that will eliminate shyness or one simple suggestion that can be of assistance to all shy people.

If you want to overcome shyness and improve your social life, you will have to be flexible and try various things that may be helpful for you personally.

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