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How to Ensure Work-At-Home Success

Some people have all the luck. They come up with a great idea, post it online and within months they're the next Internet sensation. The majority of people don't have it so "lucky" and some don't seem to have any success at all.

It's easy to attribute success to luck or a lack of success to having no luck. But the reality is that success is attainable and predictable ... at least when it comes to working at home. There are no secrets or missing keys.

Seven Steps To Work-at-Home Success in 2012

The other day a woman said to me that her family was trying to put her off from working at home because it doesn't exist. When I hear stories like this I don't whether to cry or scream. I want to cry because I'm thinking of the dream that is being snuffed out. I want to scream because people do work at home. In fact, it's so prevalent now, you can't go anywhere without meeting one of us. We're your friends on Facebook, the person sitting next to you in the coffee cafe, and the owner of the business you just bought something from.

Ten Steps to Work-At-Home Success

Many people have told me they have given up their goal of working at home because it just doesn't exist. When I tell them I work-at-home and over 50 million others in the United States also work-at-home, I'm told that working at home doesn't work for them.

Perhaps you are thinking the same thing. I'm here to tell you that working-at-home is possible for everyone. But you have to have the following characteristics:

1) You have to want it bad enough.
2) You have to look in the right place.
3) You have to do the work.


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