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10 Characteristics of Effective Leaders

1. Leader is a goal-setter and is focused on achieving goals
Leaders don’t become successful by accident. They foresee where their organization should be positioned and then they set their goals accordingly. Then they plan to achieve those goals.

2. Leader builds relationships and earns the trust of the team

Importance of water conservation

For all living beings on this planet, water means life. Looking at our oceans, it is easy to be deceived that we have abundant water. Ocean water is salty water and it cannot sustain life on land. Most land species require fresh water. Fresh water is only 2 percent of the water of this planet. Most of it is frozen and in polar ice caps and rapidly melting and dissolving into the oceans. Humans, industry, crops, and wildlife (plants and animals in the wilderness) compete for the remaining fresh water.

Importance of thinking for yourself

It is important for every human being to be able to think for himself or herself. We all have a different set of tastes, beliefs, preferences, personalities, goals, and lives. This combination makes us unique. Therefore something that might work for one person might not be suitable for another. Can all of us be good at Mathematics? Do all of us want to become doctors? Of course not. We should find what interests us and then pursue it.

Common mistakes people make when adopting eco-friendly lifestyles

I know many people who took ambitious steps to adopt eco-friendly but reverted back to their old lifestyles within short periods of time. The moral of their experience is that it is either too expensive, too difficult, or impractical to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Yet increasing number of people who succeeded in reducing their environmental footprint and are living healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. They dismiss the arguments of too expensive, too difficult, and impractical.

What you do matters

Think of a job that you would rather let someone else do. Something that you know is important but you would rather not be the one doing it. Then reflect on what you think of people who are employed in this position. How do you perceive them?

How to encourage innovation

I once sat in a committee whose job was to come up with great and innovative ideas for the organization. Very few ideas came to the table. Some good ones were proposed but they were shot down with criticism or died due to lack on enthusiasm. The ideas which were put forward by the committee were compromises and safe bets. Nothing revolutionary and nothing out of the ordinary.

Achieving Goals

To achieve anything non-trivial in life, you need to set goals. Your goal might be to become a doctor, pass a difficult exam, learn a language, run a marathon, or adopt a healthier lifestyle. These are goals because they are difficult. Making yourself a cup of coffee at work or tying your shoelaces are not goals because they are not difficult. You don't need to aim, plan, and execute with discipline. Its just a daily routine. Goals are difficult decisions and harder choices. Otherwise they wouldn't be goals.

What is a marginal tax rate

Marginal tax rate is the percentage of tax you will pay on the last dollar of your income. Income tax increases in stages which are also called tax brackets. According to Canada revenue agency the 2011 Canadian tax brackets of the Federal government are:

- 0% on income below $41,544
- 22% on income between 41,544 and $83,087
- 26% on income between $83,087 and $128,799
- 29% on income of $128,800 or above
(data source)

Avoid taxes but don't evade taxes

What is the difference between avoiding and evading taxes. Avoiding taxes involves legally restructuring your finances and affairs to reduce taxes or increase tax deductions. In Canada, you can claim deductions for eligible medical expenses, educational expenses, and monthly public transportation. If you don't claim the deductions, you would simply end up paying more in taxes. You can avoid paying taxes on a certain percentage of your income by investing the money in a registered savings account.

Pursuing an online MBA

If you are a successful professional seeking growth, you probably don’t have the time or flexibility to attend a normal MBA program even if the classes are offered in the evenings. This is the primary reason online MBA programs are becoming increasingly successful. An online MBA degree is a popular choice of mid-career professionals who want to earn a degree but don’t want to sacrifice their career and family life.

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