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When You're Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly, You'll Try (Nearly) Anything

Cabbage soup, juice fasts, diet pills, and even colon cleansing have all been heralded as the next big breakthrough for quick weight loss. Most everyone who needs to lose - whether just a few pounds or many - has tried similar diets. Maybe you have, as well.

Like most quick fixes in life, though, these fast weight-loss plans offer a temporary solution at best. Once you stop replacing every meal with carrot juice, you'll just as quickly gain all the weight back - and more. So why do we turn to these fad diets again and again?

The Promise We Want to Believe

Quick Weight Loss Naturally - A Simple Tip and a Silly Tip


What should you and what should you not when it comes to losing weight? All seems to be so complicated when really is is simple. Here are two of my tips for losing weight naturally - a simple one and a silly one.

A Simple Tip to Lose Weight Quickly and Naturally.

This is to drink water. Of which most of us do not drink enough. Water is good for so much but I guess because you can't patent water it does not get the advertising it deserves. Lol. Anyway, back to why drinking more water is a simple way to lose weight.

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