Jon Mercer

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Self Confidence: Expressing Your Uniqueness is Important and Necessary


The most critical characteristic in achieving any level of success in life is self-confidence. It is the secret to succeeding in both the business world, relationships and personally in your life. But unfortunately, confidence and low self-esteem problems are all too common in society today, and leave many individuals without the necessary self acceptance and strength of character to live their life on their terms.

The Secret to Real Confidence


Sometimes the best secrets are hidden in plain sight. When it comes to developing confidence, there is one "secret shortcut" that took me years to understand, but it's so painfully obvious that I want to kick myself sometimes for not being aware of it all along. The "secret" I want to tell to you about is acceptance.

Building Confidence By "Letting Go"


So many people are looking for that "big breakthrough" in their life-one big event that will push them right over edge from where they are, to where they want to be. The irony is, the more someone focuses on making a huge (often overnight) change in their life, the less progress they usually make.
Building real confidence is a process, not an event. It is true that people sometimes have a major shift at some point in their life (I've had a few of these myself), but most change happens gradually, in a very up-and-down fashion.

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