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Live With a Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? Working, eating and sleeping is no life. There must be some good purpose and some noble cause of your living.

What do you want to do for yourself and for others? What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you want to tell others and to yourself? Why you are here in this world? Get up, open your eyes, look straight in the mirror and tell to yourself the real purpose of your own life, loudly and clearly.

Discipline Yourself to Success


When working toward goals or striving for success in any endeavor, self-discipline is one vital quality you need to have. Most of us cringe at the thought because it brings to mind instant visions of sacrifice, difficulty and strain.

However, discipline doesn’t have to be so hard. The problem occurs when you try to go from having no self-discipline to forcing yourself to undertake a heavy load of responsibility. Talk about pressure!

Below are three easy ways to become more disciplined with a minimum of discomfort:

Building a Boat

Abraham Lincoln once said, "I will prepare, and some day my chance will come." When his chance came, he was ready.

During his seminary years, one priest-in-training owned a favorite T-shirt. Across the front was emblazoned: "Expectant Father." His chance came and he, too, was ready.

When your chance comes, will you be ready?

How to Become a Successful Person

It’s a dream of everybody to become a successful person. Isn’t it? Then why most people remain losers and unsuccessful throughout their lives? A very simple answer! They do not possess the required qualities of a successful person. You cannot win unless you develop a winning aptitude within you. In order to become a successful person you need to know the characteristics of a successful person which I am giving below, in brief:

1. Education and Skills

A 5-Minute Miracle

It’s Monday morning. Alarm bell rings disturbing your sleep. You are feeling tired, dull and lazy and in no mood of going to work but you have to. You force yourself to get ready and reach your work place half-heartedly without even taking the breakfast. In order to activate yourself you take a cup of hot coffee and sip little by little while trying to concentrate on your work.

True Life Success Secrets: The True Meaning Of Success

Success is about more than money and being number one. If you're the top executive in a company does that mean you're successful? Not necessarily. If you have money does it make you successful? If you won $30 million in the lottery would you be successful? No! The money may change the way you live, but success will change your life forever.

For years I struggled with this. I worked 60 hours a week trying to gain success or what I thought success was. One evening I was discussing my future plans, my business plans and life in general with my mentor.

Top 5 Must-Know Secrets To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Does it seem like there's something always in your way of success? Do you work hard day in and day out and feel like nothing ever gets better? Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be in your own way?

If you'll use the 5 secrets listed below you'll be better prepared to travel the road to true success, happiness and even financial freedom.

Are You A Thinker, A Talker, Or a Walker?


I heard an interview a few days before writing this 'tip of the week' where the man being interviewed said "There are three kinds of people "thinkers, walkers, and talkers..."

It made me stop and think and I believe the reflections are worth sharing.

In reality, there are probably more like a billion kinds of people on this planet. I've never been a fan of
categorisation and black and white questions about "what kind of person are you".


Now it’s Your Turn to Succeed in Life

Are you a failed person and think you cannot succeed in life? Are you a bankrupt person and think you cannot earn enough money to live a happy life? Are you under severe depression and thinking of committing suicide? Are you facing the biggest challenge of your life and don’t know how to cope with the situation? Are you trapped in an ugly situation and trying hard to get out of the quagmire without success?

You Don't Have to Work Hard to be a Success

The vast majority of us have been raised with a couple of important "truths" etched into our subconscious mind: that you have to get yourself a good education to be a success and that you have to work hard to be a success. These are myths that enslave the normal person. Then again, even a cursory glance at the abundance of psychological evidence stretching back over many decades will enlighten you are to just how enslaved the normal mind actually is. Our minds are crammed with "truths" that, on closer examination, turn out to be utter nonsense.

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