The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Some people seem to find it without much difficulty. For others, it is fleeting, even elusive. We all want it, though it means different things to everyone. But is there a secret to happiness? Everyone has a different idea of what happiness is for them, how about you?

Happiness is the experience of a frequent, mildly pleasant setof emotions, it's not a real high, or a state of euphoria, rather, it's a general feeling of satisfaction with one's life that comes and goes. Everyone seems to experience ups and downs in their lifetime, which can change a persons mood or outlook on any situation.

Such traits as habitual positive thinking , good physical health and a commitment to personal relationships are common among those who consider themselves to by happy. The more positive a person continues to be, the more they try to do, and generally the more they can do. Studies that show about 50% of individual happiness is due to the personality people have from birth. Another 10% is related to other factors out of an
individual's control, such as race, gender and age.

The good news? Forty percent of our happiness is dependent upon activities and habits we can control, such as pursuing positive goals, forming good social relationships and making positive thinking a habit. If you can't change your situation, you can change your perception of the situation. If you practice being positive, you can achieve a better attitude, which can help in many situations throughout your everyday.

Think you'd be happy in a different house neighborhood or job? Sure that the secret to happiness lies in a big lottery win? In fact, some have said, anybody who thinks money will make your happy, hasn't got money.

Studies show that external changes can't pave the way to everlasting happiness. Make a big change today and in eight weeks, when the novelty wears off and your feelings normalize, all the frustrations you thought you left behind are likely to resurface.

Continue to seek happiness, but also try exercise, prayer, positive thinking or spending time with loved ones. Every persons happiness if different from anothers, so keep your own happiness in mind.

3 Things to Help Beat The Blues

Feeling down? The secret to lifting your mood is raising the level of endorphins, especially serotonin, in your bloodstream. Serotonin boosters to chase the blues away-

Laughter - Frequent chuckling boosts endorphins an lifts dark moods. Studies suggest that laughter reduces stress hormones and supports the immune system, too.

Vitamin B, especially folic acid-Needed to create serotonin, folic acid can be found in healthy foods such as dark leafy greens, black beans, eggs and enriched grain products.

Regular movement - Exercise, especially in the form of an an activity you love, can really lift your spirits. Walk, run, bike, ski or do whatever you enjoy. Include a friend in your routine, preferably one who makes you laugh, and you're on your way to happy days.

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