You Don't Have to Work Hard to be a Success

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The vast majority of us have been raised with a couple of important "truths" etched into our subconscious mind: that you have to get yourself a good education to be a success and that you have to work hard to be a success. These are myths that enslave the normal person. Then again, even a cursory glance at the abundance of psychological evidence stretching back over many decades will enlighten you are to just how enslaved the normal mind actually is. Our minds are crammed with "truths" that, on closer examination, turn out to be utter nonsense. We, as normal people, are burdened by useless perceptions that tie us down, that hold us back, that stop us in our tracks, that prevent us rising to the dizzy heights of effortless success and happiness. Yes, I've used the word "effortless" . Because real success doesn't require that you beat your head of a brick wall to make the breakthrough. Real success is not the result of hard work - indeed, hard work will never see you succeed.

I made this point to a group of clients during the course of a recent workshop, having discussed exceptionally successful people such as Michael Johnson and Muhammad Ali. One participant made the point that these high achievers and people like them had to work very hard indeed to get to the top. In response, I suggested that there is a world of difference between hard work and a labour of love. In other words, hard work - a little like beauty - is solely in the mind of the beholder! You can either struggle through life, with no big goals in sight, believing that you're consigned to the routine of hard work, or you can do what has to be done to scale the heights of effortless success and all the self-fulfillment that goes with it.

All the greats work towards great goals. All normal people work to earn a living. There is no effort involved in the necessary and important work that you have to do if you know why you're doing it and if that goal really turns you on. Muhammad Ali, who hated road-running, an integral part of fitness training for what he did, said that he ran on a Wednesday so that he could dance on a Saturday, so that he could fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. He had great goals in mind and, as a result, what would be hard work for others was simply a necessary labour of love for him.

Indeed, if you care to look at the mountain of research on "flow" - that peak performance state of mind in which truly successful people find themselves - from the Universities of Chicago and Milan, you will find that people in some of the most mundane, repetitive and boring jobs perform their work as a labour of love - and are exceptionally happy as a result. Conversely, more than two-thirds of people don't like their work and, as a result, of either unhappy or content with being unhappy. What a way to muddle your way through life! Of course, not liking your job is simply down to the thought of not liking your job - it's a useless and self-defeating thought. If you find yourself caught in this thought-fuelled twilight zone, then you have a choice. Either stop feeding that useless thought or do something concrete to change jobs.

The big problem is that normal people don't have big enough, exciting enough goals. They're prepared to waste the gift of life on going through the daily motions, burdened by these useless thoughts, saddled with the incorrect but ubiquitous belief that you have to work hard to be a success. You don't! You have to do what needs to be done to achieve the success that you, yourself, define for yourself - and, unfortunately, most people have both never even considered what success means for them nor have they captivated their minds with an exciting enough picture of achieving that success.

You've got to be excited - otherwise life is not worth living. You've got to come to terms with what success would actually look like, feel like, sound like, smell like and taste like - just for you. You've got to fill your mind with that picture by writing down what it would feel like to achieve it - as if you have achieved it already. You've got to handwrite it - because handwriting impresses your subconscious mind, that part of your mind that rules your life. Once your subconscious mind is suitably impressed, then your "hard work" will be transformed - your efforts won't be an effort anymore, you will have charted a course that will take you on a journey to effortless success and happiness - on your terms.

You will then be able to discern between the important things that need to be done wholeheartedly and the stuff that, in the greater scheme of things, that you shouldn't be wasting your time and energy on at all. You will be focused - because your subconscious mind is focused - on why you are doing what you're doing. This is in marked contrast to the normal person who half-heartedly does what they're doing, crap and all included, through the fog of the useless thought of "I hate my job" or "I wish I didn't have to do this".

Simply put, the key to success through effortless work, is down to your state of mind and how prepared you are to, on the one hand, set your mind to achieve exciting goals or, on the other hand, waste your energy on the useless thoughts and beliefs that tell you that could never achieve such goals and that you have to work hard to be a success. The choice is yours.

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Willie Horton, an Irish ex-accountant and ex-banker, has worked as a success coach to business leaders and sports people since 1996. He moved to the French Alps in 2002, from where his free weekly Self-Help video seminar is sent to thousands of people worldwide. His Online Personal Development Self Help Workshop is used all over the world, clients say it's life-changing. Info:

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