What Is Positive Thought?

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What one person thinks is positive, another person may think is negative but people are often mistaken and there must be a way of determining what is really positive and what is really negative in life. What is that method that determines a positive thought from a negative thought? One psychiatrist, Dr. David R. Hawkins, has proposed the idea that some thoughts are detrimental to our general health as human beings and others tend to promote health and life in all living beings.

In his book, Power vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins explains how some thoughts are accompanied by a positive energy field which brings about more power in our lives. Other thoughts carry a negative energy field and rely on the negative requirement of force to have any effect. Although many negative thoughts are indicative of the use of force, these thoughts do not tend to sustain our lives as a general rule and, instead, tend to lead toward the debilitating emotions of anger, fear and grief. On a calibrated scale of energy, Dr. Hawkins has placed many different thoughts at different levels of power. Thoughts of shame or guilt are the least productive thoughts that we possess as are thoughts indicative of apathy and grief. Although we may occasionally find ourselves thinking and feeling in terms of guilt or apathy, these emotions are far from being positive and actually can lead to suicide and death in their most extreme forms. In order to cultivate more positive thoughts, we are encouraged by Dr. Hawkins to let go of these negative mind states and to integrate more positive states of being into our lives.

One of the first kinds of positive thought that people can employ in their lives is courage. Although we all experience fear, we are encouraged through various practices to give up our fears and to embrace a more courageous attitude toward life. Many spiritual practices teach us that fear is actually an illusion that the majority of human beings are trapped under. We fear our own death at every turn as well as rejection, failure and any number of "negative" outcomes in life. The reality of this, however, is that our fear is actually the thing which creates these outcomes more than anything else. Rather than feeding our fears by constantly engaging in fearful thoughts and emotions, we can turn to courage as a way out of our problems.

Another of the greatest and most positive thought patterns is Willingness. When we employ the willingness to pursue our own self examination and our own betterment, we encourage more positive thoughts to come into our lives. Put on a happy face even when it doesn't feel so easy and practice kindness to the people around you. This act of willingness each day will help to promote a positive energy in your head and will eventually turn your thoughts toward the more positive. It's a simple practice that can work wonders in your life.

Finally, the two greatest means to a more positive pattern of thinking are to pursue the goal of Love and Peace in your life. Acting in a loving way toward the people around you requires a great amount of energy and is actually something that many people recoil from in fear. It is actually an incredibly un-natural effort for many people to pursue love but this is part of the proof that this energy is extremely powerful and can transform your thoughts into a more positive direction almost overnight. If love weren't already powerful enough, there is energy even greater than love which is actually the source of all positive thinking itself. That energy is the energy of peace. A peaceful state of mind is something that is almost unheard of in our modern day. How often do you actually sit still and feel that your thoughts and emotions are completely at peace? You may be hard pressed to admit that this rarely even happens when you are sleeping because peace is often only achieved by the greatest practitioners of advanced yoga and meditative techniques. Many students have spent years pursuing the state of being wherein their minds are completely at peace and can remain in that state for extended periods of time. Indeed, peace is truly the highest level of positive thought that can be attained.

Next time you are arguing with someone over what is positive and what is negative, think again. Arguing is rarely a positive thought and it isn't your logic or your reason that will ultimately solve this dispute. Turning your life toward Love and Peace is the ultimate positive thought you can have and something that everyone could benefit from if they were to truly put their minds to this task.

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