Turn Negative Thoughts At Work Into Positive Actions

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All of us at one time or another has become a victim to those 'little voices' in our head which fuel an emotion or event and turn it into something dark and depressing.
In fact, we very often go about our working day not even knowing that we are constantly talking negatively to ourselves. Examples of negative talk include statements such as: "I could have done that much better, why did I let myself down.

Negative self talk can encourage feelings of guilt, worthlessness and anxiety about the future. Our thought processes govern how we take action. So, if you have been stuck in a rut or are in a vicious circle of let downs...it could be time to acknowledge that negative internal voice and train it to be positive.

Challenge the blame game

One of the major features of negative self-talk is the fact that we often blame ourselves for events which were completely out of our control. Blame and guilt do not fuel problem-solving. They prevent it. It stops us taking control of those elements we can influence. When thoughts involve blame, it is time to become logical about the event and look for solutions.

Ten minute challenge - spot the patterns and triggers

Jot down the negative thoughts when you notice them during a ten minute period. Note what language is used, and any triggers to the negative thoughts. You may notice that there are key times of the day when the negative self talk appears, such as first thing in the morning or when commuting to work.

In just ten minutes, some people have clocked up over nine different negative emotions, thoughts and feelings by focussing on words which were running through their minds. Being aware of these emotions causes them to rise to the surface where they can be addressed and corrected in a positive way.

Blasts from the past

Some negative emotional experiences have become deep-rooted and may become part of our everyday thinking process. Being told that you are 'stupid' can become a pattern of behaviour which undermines our positive approach to work.

By running those negative images and words over and over again in our brains, we affirm their credibility, holding us back from fulfilling our potential. So replace it with a positive image - a new promotion, a villa in the South of France - something that motivates you to go forward.

Notice the language blocks

The common phrases "I can't" or "It is too difficult" build up a pattern of resistance. One way to reverse these statements is to challenge that voice. Whenever you hear the word "I can't" stop and say to yourself "I can" and "I will".

Reduce the power of negative words

Have you ever noticed how some hospital staff refer to pain as discomfort? This is because the word discomfort does not sound so powerful and lessens its meaning. This is what you can do with your own key words. Whenever you use powerful stimulator words such as "hate" or "angry" try replacing them with milder words such as "don't like" and "annoyed.

Turning something bad into something good

How many times have we indulged ourselves in negative self talk by assuming that a situation is bad? Try to look for the good in a situation where you are feeling anxious. For example, a cancelled meeting means more time to perform another useful task.


Affirmations are a wonderful way to replace the negative with positive, energising statements. You can try using positive images that you can keep within eye range to motivate your mind with good thoughts.

An easy way to find affirmations which are suitable for you is to record positive comments made from family and friends. Make a note of compliments that have come your way either at work or in your leisure time and focus on your good qualities rather than the bad.

Choose to focus on one of your good qualities every single day and use it to make yourself feel good whenever a bad thought springs to mind.

The company you keep

Take a look at the people with whom you associate. Are they negative souls who always weigh you down with their hard luck stories? Or do you surround yourself with positive people who have an infectious way of reframing the toughest situation by dealing with it with humour. Seek out time with people with whom you feel empowered and motivated and reduce the impact of the less positive people around you.

Replacing negative self talk with positive affirmations is not going to happen overnight. If your mind has been ingrained with a habitual way of thinking negatively, it will take time to adjust the thinking pattern. By acknowledging the negative talk, spotting when it occurs and replacing it with positive images and language, you are empowering yourself. With this increase in positive energy, you are more able to reach your highest potential and achieve success.

Remember: People may have the power to be able to stop your car in its tracks but they cannot stop you. Say to yourself every single day. "I am unstoppable, endlessly persistent, a doer of dreams and consistently positive".

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