The Perspective of Dawn

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In the book, Dawn Light, Diane Ackerman states, "whatever else it is, dawn is a rebirth, a fresh start, even if familiar routines and worries charge in clamoring for attention." I have been reading her book to gain appreciation for dawn, sunrise, a new beginning. Lets face it, after a year with a recession, a new dawn is a welcome view. Life is about endings and beginnings.

For years, I have been a night owl as opposed to an early bird. I embrace beautiful sunsets, bur rarely, on purpose, strive to witness a glorious sunrise. Recently while on a Caribbean cruise, with Diane Ackerman's book in hand, I challenged myself to be an early riser to discover the beauty of sunrise rather than my standard, sunset. It was a chance to try a different perspective. And, it was rather enjoyable.

Sunrise or Sunset? We generally prefer one or the other. Maybe we are born into one or another with our biological clock or experience environmental conditioning. And so it is at work, we have our preferences. We might prefer a traditional 40-hour workweek with weekends off. We might enjoy routine work, working in sales, teaching or mechanical engineering. We use our preferred skills to get the job done.

Yet, lately, we have had to adapt our preferences at work. We are being asked to be flexible, to be adaptable, to do more with less
budget, less staff or less job security. The recession has changed the status quo for many. Some are adjusting to living on unemployment. Some are trying a new career path or returning to college. All of this is moving us out of our comfort zone and asking us to try another way that is not necessarily our first choice. This is flexing from sunrise to sunset and vise versa.

Are you flexible? Are you adaptable? Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Whether or not you have loss your job this past year, we
have all been impacted by the recession.

What have we learned from the recession?

Reflection - As a society, we often look forward rather than back. As the dwindling economy was labeled a recession, we looked back to the days of the Depression for parallels and lessons learned. There was a sobering appreciation for what people endured during the 1930's after The Crash.

Flexibility - We tend to get more rigid as we age, physically, emotionally and mentally. This stance can add to the stress of change. Can you bend, sway and be pliable when a challenge comes about. Get conditioned for changing conditions.

Choice - I made a choice to embrace "sunset" rather than "sunrise" a long time ago. I thought the choice was an "either-or" proposition. That was not really the case. I made a choice without giving the other option a chance. Checking our different perspectives can offer new insight and personal/professional growth.

Change - It isn't easy as millions found out this year when their job was eliminated. Exchanging a paycheck for an unemployment check is not easy. Changing jobs when you enjoyed the one you had is not easy. Starting over and making concessions is not easy. Yet, some are ready to start over, to give work another whirl. Some are trying temporary jobs. Some are trying the entrepreneurial route. Either way, life and work are about change.

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