The Law Of Attraction And You

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You are a perfect being, capable of being, doing and having anything that you can conceive. You are the creator of your own reality and the basis of this creative haven is the Law of Attraction. There are no boundaries or limitations as to what you are capable of, so why do we sometimes limit ourselves and our potential?

When we observe the world around us, one may see lots of fear, worry and powerlessness. Whether your particular struggle is financial, emotional, security, addiction, or whatever else, there are a lot of people struggling with something or another. If you’re not, then you’re way ahead of the pack!

The Law of Attraction has one job and one job only - to match things together. Whatever you place your attention upon in that moment you are drawing more of it to you.

As you observe the debt, as you observe the broken car, as you observe the small uncomfortable home, as you observe the lack of anything unwanted, it is in those moments that you are bringing more of it to you. The Law of Attraction does not hear or understand our language, it only understands our vibration. When you feel good you vibrate good feelings, when you feel bad you vibrate bad feelings. The Law of Attraction is hearing those vibrational feelings and responding to them, always.

Would you like to know what vibration you are currently putting out to the universe? Well take a look around you. Open your wallet. Jump inside your car. Is it wanted or unwanted? If it is unwanted then you still have work to do.

Until you take full responsibility for your life and your circumstances, you have no power to change anything. Give more focus on the things you already have that you enjoy, and give less focus and energy to the things in your life that are stressful. Just a tiny shift in the balance, maintained each day, will quickly begin to turn the tides in your favor.

This isn’t hard work! It just takes repetition and a decision that feeling good means something to you. And the best part about all of this is that you are in the perfect place to begin right now. You only have “now” and so you should start practicing feeling good about something “now”.

The more lighthearted, content and stress-free you feel, the more will be granted to you. As you begin to release resistance about those things that are wrong, bad and unwanted and start shifting your attention onto those things that are wanted you will find that the “wrong” things begin to fade away and you will receive more of the things that you enjoy.

This subtle shift in mindset is perhaps the most difficult thing for us to do, as it is breaking a mental habit we have kept for years and in some cases decades!

If you observe the good things beginning to flow effortlessly into your experience then that is your true breakthrough moment and will help you to build on the work you’ve already done.

Imagine a huge stone boulder rolling along a road… It has momentum. If you start pushing on the boulder from the other side, it doesn’t immediately do what you want. You have to slow the boulder down until it eventually halts so you can start pushing it in the right direction. Then it will begin to roll slowly in the other direction.

Just wait until the boulder starts building speed! That breakthrough moment will lead to better and better times until one day you will notice that your life has taken on an entirely different characteristic. Endless experiences of prosperity, peace, happiness, love and joy will be your proclivity.

To one who is moving in a positive direction, things will only accelerate more and more in the positive direction. To one moving in a negative direction, which many of us are, things will only get worse. Begin to change your habits of focusing on the negative and focus more on the positive; have gratitude and truly feel grateful for the things you do have, and more – much more – will be given to you.

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