The Incredible Power of Beliefs

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Why are some people able to achieve so much more out of their lives than others? Why are some people able to produce outstanding, extraordinary results, exceeding what is commonly expected?

Is it because they have a lot more talent or capability? Do they have superior resources that other people lack?

Did the Wright brothers, inventors of the airplane, possess more aerodynamic and engineering expertise than the sum of all the engineers and inventors of their time?

Did Mahatma Gandhi come from a powerful family that enabled him to establish a power base to liberate India from the British?

Was Ho Chi Min a mighty general who trained the Viet Cong to first drive out the French and then the Americans?

These men did not possess any measurable resources to achieve their accomplishments. ..and history is peppered with many examples of such outstanding individuals.

What set these men apart were the incredible beliefs they had about the moral rightness of their cause. That gave them extraordinary strength to fight on against all odds, winning eventually.

Beliefs are like Operating Systems

Our beliefs can be described as the operating system to our brain. They determine our expectations, producing the proportionate results.

If you believe that you can become a Millionaire, CEO or President, this is what you will expect from yourself.

If you believe you do not have the capability to earn more than $40,000 a year, this is also what you will expect from yourself. If you believe that you can lead others, you will expect to attain nothing less than a management position.

If you believe that you are nothing more than a follower, you will not expect anything more than being just a front line employee.

If you have an empowering belief that you can build a highly successful business, this belief will drive you to take massive action.

You will develop a business plan, attract investors and launch your marketing campaign.

You will start innovating new product lines, probably investing in Research and Development to create entirely new products or processes

Sure you will have lots of obstacles along the way, but your beliefs will drive you to turn any failure into feedback changing your strategy until you get the result you want.

Even if you don't achieve the exact targets you set for yourself, you are going to produce some great results.

Beliefs are the driving force behind the actions we take, determining how much personal potential we are able to tap within.

When we believe that something is possible, we will go all out to make it happen. We will take massive action and commit ourselves to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve it.

Strong empowering beliefs lead seemingly ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, while limiting beliefs cripple the most talented despite them having all the resources, from achieving what they could have achieved.

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