The Hidden Secret To Achieving Your Dreams, Goals, And Desires

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What if I told you there is a secret all successful men and women use…and most of them don't even realize they're using it consciously. Which is why it has remained hidden from you until now.

To prepare you for this one secret, I have to ask you: What is the one thing blocking you from achieving all your dreams, goals, and desires? And I'm not talking about your current circumstances, or lack of money, or bad luck. What is mentally stopping you?

If you're like anyone else, it is a combination of bad habits and difficulty beginning new good ones.

But there is a secret technique which smashes your bad habits away and virtually forces you to develop good ones, and pulls you toward the success you want.

Here's an example: Say you want to lose 20 pounds, but you have a bad habit of drinking soda. You crave it every day, and it tastes so good you can't go without it at every meal. The key to your success in losing weight comes down to this:

1. You have the bad habit of drinking soda…but you love the way it tastes in the short-term.

2. You want to lose 20 pounds, and look and feel good in the long-term.

So what is this one secret to your success?

Every time you reach for that soda, stop and ask yourself this:

"Do I want to drink this soda…or do I want to be 20 pounds lighter and look and feel great?"

At first, this seems like an illogical question. After all, just one little soda will not make the difference between your success or failure in losing weight. But then again, if achieving your dreams, goals, and desires consisted of 100% seemingly logical decisions and actions…everyone would be successful. You must take a counterintuitive approach.

Instead of talking yourself into thinking one drink of soda won't make a difference…even though that may be technically true…turn that idea on its head and say the opposite to yourself:

Which do you want? The one soda or the body of your dreams?

When the decision comes down to that, suddenly forgoing the unhealthy drink is the only sane choice you have.

It's the same with any other part of your life, including money and business. Let's say you make money as a writer and you don't feel like writing today.

Ask yourself: "Do I want to have an extra five thousand dollars per month and be able to travel the world in luxury…or do I want to take a break from writing today?"

Now, does skipping one day of writing really make the difference between an extra five thousand dollars per month? Who knows? Who cares? The important thing is, you just have to pose one simple question, and suddenly you will find yourself pounding those keys and moving forward with your business.

The secret is simple: Put your long-term goals in the forefront of your mind at all times, and ask yourself what you want to do every day based on what you want in the future. It may not seem logical, but it gets results.

About the Author:

Nate Rifkin is the author of the book Internal Power Yoga. On his website, you can get free instant access to an easy exercise for purging your sadness away while simultaneously filling your body with confidence, with zero positive thinking required:
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