Stress - The Harsh Reality

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Stress is any kind of change that we encounter and is completely unavoidable. It is apart of our everyday lives and has existed since beginning of time. Stress can be a positive or negative force and it varies on a few different levels. There are low levels, high levels and chronic levels of stress.

Low levels of stress can be beneficial to stimulate and motivate us into action. It allows us to conquer change and new challenges. It creates an adrenaline rush to help people like performers and adventure seekers to achieve their plan.

High levels of stress can be short term especially when dealing with uncontrollable factors such as work pressures, job change, a move to a new city, birth of a new baby, etc. However, if it is not settled, it can become chronic over a long period of time and that is when it becomes dangerous and help is needed to control it.

Chronic stress is very common and can have negative impacts on our bodies. It is this level of stress that most of us seek help for. Almost 50% of the population suffers from stress related diseases. Three out of every four doctor visits are because of stress related issues and illness. High levels of chronic stress are considered to be the biggest contributing factor to many death related diseases.

Stress triggers physical reactions in the body as a coping mechanism in the face of change and demands. These include tensing of muscles, an increase in heartbeat, deep or fast breathing, a rise in blood pressure and an increase of adrenalin released into the blood stream.

Stress affects everybody from young children to senior citizens. It affects us mentally, emotionally, behaviorally and physically. Each and every individual person handles it differently. A certain situation or event may be very stressful for one person but may not bother another. For the most part stress is a result of our reaction to change rather than the change itself.

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