Staying Calm Under Pressure

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We all have those days when we have so much on our plate that we could easily give into our stress and anxiety. It's part of being a person and having responsibility, but that doesn't mean that we have to let stress and anxiety to get the best of us.

During those rough days when nothing seems to be going our way, we can choose how we react. We could pull our hair out and
mutter swear words... or we can use positive self-talk by repeating a few anti-anxiety affirmations to ourselves. These positive affirmations can help to ground us and remind us that we ultimately have control over how we respond to external stresses.

Each of us have things that make us feel anxious. For some of us we feel anxious as soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning because we know that there are going to be things that we cannot control during our day. If this describes you, you may find that greeting each day with a series of free positive affirmations will help you repel this instantaneous anxiety upon wakening. Instead of waking up in the morning and instantly being filled with anxiety about what you need to do, you can slow down and say a few anxiety affirmations. You may very well be amazed at what this can do for the rest of your day!

Other people start to feel anxious when they get to work. Maybe it's because their boss starts making intense demands or their co-workers aren't doing their job as well as they should, leaving you to pick up the slack. Before you allow anxiety to take over completely, why not take a deep breath and recite one of the very simple anxiety affirmations that you know to help you calm down a bit? Sometimes just stopping and saying one of many simple free positive affirmations is enough to allow us to gain our composure.

Anxiety Can Paralyze or Motivate You. Which Do You Choose?

Every day, each of us has a choice to give into anxiety and allow it to control our lives... or we have the ability to use any anxiety and stress to keep us moving forward. Think about it, if you did not have any anxiety you may never get out of bed in the morning. While anxiety can be good, you can use the power that anxiety can hold through the use of anxiety affirmations, to power all of your actions. When you are able to turn the tables you will find that anxiety can be something that can work for you!

Free positive affirmations are basically little statements that you can stop and say during your day to remind you that you can deal with anything. Whether it's the alarm clock going off, your kids being demanding, your spouse nagging at you, or your boss and co-workers demanding a lot of you, you can recite these little anxiety affirmations to remind yourself that these little things are just that, little things.

When you use free positive affirmations you are simply stopping the overwhelming anxiety in its tracks and, instead, making it work for you!

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