Six Ways to Ensure You Don't Become a Loner

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It's a glorious day here and I've just got back to my desk after taking a walk. I went along the old canal tow-path and cut back across the park. Along the way I was able to take in the mix of the red, gold, and green autumnal colours, watch the ducks and swans swimming along with the sun glinting on the surface of the water, and nod hello to the other people out enjoying the fresh air.

It's wonderful being able to work from home and enjoy taking breaks like this. It's also great to be able to plan my day as I wish and do the things I enjoy. Then there's also the fact that there is no boss breathing down my neck!

Lucky me! But actually there can be drawbacks to this sort of life. I'm fortunate that I do enjoy my own company and working alone but I also understand that it is important not to become too much of a loner. So I ensure that I include activities with other people in my routine. And this is something you should try to include in your life too. The relationships you have with others, and not just your family and loved ones, are vital to leading a fulfilling and successful life.

Interacting with others will provide you with opportunities to learn new things, to discuss ideas, and share your thoughts and concerns. Sharing your problems can be a great relief and will lead to their resolution. You will gain energy and inspiration from spending time with people and giving time to others. And you will certainly have a happier life!

So here are a few ways to make life more sociable:

- Make time each day to simply be in a situation where you are amongst other people. Just a smile and a quick "Hello!" can give you a boost.

- It's important to take regular exercise, so try to do so with someone else. Even if you don't play a sport or want to join a gym, you can still go for a run, a walk, or bike ride with a friend.

- Take a break from your routine and visit the local coffee shop or library where you can enjoy the company of others.

- Join a local interest group or take up a part-time college course so that you get to mix with new people.

- Reach out to others and plan a day out or a meal with your family and friends.

- Simply make time to sit down and talk with others and see the benefits of sharing hopes and fears; dreams and ambitions. And always be sure to take a genuine interest in whoever you are talking with. You will gain far more by asking and listening than you ever will by simply talking.

There are many ways to boost the way you interact with other people and sometimes it may take a little effort on your part. So be prepared to compromise and don't always say no to those invitations that you don't like the sound of. Just switch off that TV and computer, get out there and ensure you don't become a loner.

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