Self Confidence - the 4 Power Secrets

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Self confidence is something that many people struggle with. Society has built up certain guidelines on how one should look and act. If we do not live up to societies expectations then we feel a lack of self confidence.

For some people this lack of self confidence effects every aspect of their life. That is why learning to build your own self confidence is important.

The following section explains some reasons why someone may lack self confidence and what to do about them.

1. We are hard on ourselves.

This means that we compare ourselves to others or expect too much from ourselves. It is easy to expect yourself to be something, but sometimes we use impossible standards.

For example, not everyone can look like a super model, so it is useless to expect yourself to be one. This also includes being mad at yourself for simple things.

Some people kick themselves for small mistakes because they expect perfection. Letting go of these expectations will go a long way in learning to have self confidence.

2. We are negative.

Thinking negative thoughts and displaying negative attitudes make us a negative person. Most people can pick up on this and do their best to avoid you. This only leads to poor self confidence.

If you can learn to see the good in things and try to do positive things in your life you will feel better about yourself and in return boost your self confidence.

3. We focus on what we can not do.

Focusing on what you can not do only makes you feel bad about yourself. Instead try to find out what you are good at and excel at it.

This gives you a reason to be proud of yourself and also gives you a reason to go out and meet people that feel the same way. You can gain much self confidence by being proud of your accomplishments.

4. We hate our body.

Recognize that everyone looks different. Even identical twins have something about them that is different. Being different makes us each unique and special. So be happy you do not look like everyone else.

If there is something your really do not like about yourself then change it. Lose weight, get your hair colored or get braces - whatever will make you love yourself.

These four simple things can go a long way to boosting your self confidence. The main key to self confidence is learning to love yourself. If you love yourself then you can be open to others and love them.

Self confidence is basically about being positive and accepting about everyone and everything - including yourself.

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