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When I was younger and still naive I had big dreams and always thought of having anything I wanted and being anything I wanted to be. However just like many other people from all walks of life I was told you can't do this or you can't do that, basically being told that I can not be a success.

I just needed to get a job and work hard, basically going along with the herd. Fact is I was already a success in my own little way at that time and as I am now even a bigger success in my own right today and I will always be a success in one form or the other.

I guess in a way hearing that I couldn't do this or couldn't do that was the motivation that I needed to push me to excel in whatever is was that I tried to do and not give up when obstacles appeared in my path. Achievement at no matter what I was attempting was always my ultimate goal.

As I grew older and I like to think a lot wiser I sought out self help books, cd's, dvd's, and listened to motivational speakers to work on my own personal development because I knew that I had to learn self motivation to push myself when times got difficult and setbacks occurred because they will occur its those times you have to push harder to overcome them.

Some of the greatest achievements throughout history happened usually shortly after the biggest setback had occurred as well as many individuals dreams cut short because people gave up too soon when the obstacles appeared to big to overcome and these people learn later to their dismay if they would have only stayed the course a little while longer they would have succeeded. That is why it is so important to not give up during those times.

That is why it's important to seek out those that are having the kind of success that you wish to have and take inspiration from that to acquire it for yourself as well.

Success is different for everyone and everyone reaches it in different ways but overall there are common denominators to people that achieve success and those that do not.

Growing up I am sure you heard just like I did, work hard and you will be success. Well there are many people that work extremely hard and they do not have the success they wish and are struggling to make it day to day. If hard work brought success and wealth we all wish to have then everyone that did hard physical manual labor would be rich. It is just not so.

Fact is that being successful is not about doing certain things, it's about doing things in a certain way. There is a science to success.

Here quick list of the common denominators of successful people.

1. Taking Action

2. Passion and Desire

3. Discomfort. I am not talking pain here but they are able to leave their comfort zone and be uncomfortable, they push through their weaknesses and overcome.

4. Vision

5. Decision Makers

6. Control Emotions

7. Consistent

8. Logical

9. Practical

10. Talent

Now go back and read that list again and pay particular attention to the first common denominator because without doing it, all the rest are useless.

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