Make Meditation a Part of Your Lifestyle

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By now, you’ve already heard about the growing list of benefits of meditation. The question is, how can you make sure you can really enjoy all of them? The answer is by making it a part of your lifestyle. This means you’re not going to do this only a few times a week. In fact, Buddhist or Tibetan monks meditate not only in few minutes but for several hours. There are others who can meditate for days.

However, making it a habit can be quite difficult, especially when at this age where everyone seems to be too busy to spend some of their moments in silence. It’s because of this difficulty that the following tips can be very helpful:

1. Start with a few minutes. You don’t have to spend several hours for meditation. If you can get the results you want, which is usually a clear mind and answers to certain questions in a few minutes, then so be it. This will also make sure you don’t get easily anxious or forced to spend a lot of time in meditation.

2. Choose the best time. Know the most ideal time to do meditation. As an advice, you may want to avoid doing so while you’re still in the middle of work unless you can teach yourself to declutter your mind even when you’re busy. Usually, the worries and plenty of lists to do can get off your mind from meditation.

Plenty, though, would suggest you do so very early in the morning. At this time, your mind is still in its relaxed mode, and you haven’t started anything yet that may cause you to worry. You can also do this before you go to sleep. Meditation can even help you in reducing sleeping problems such as insomnia. This is also a good time since the relaxed mind becomes more open to subliminal messages.

3. Meditate with a friend. You can actually meditate with a friend, as long as he or she is a person who also takes the exercise seriously. You cannot let anyone disturb you when you’re meditating or make you feel uncomfortable when doing it.

If you prefer to do it alone but you’re surrounded with individuals, it’s best to talk meditation over to them. Tell them to not disturb you when you’re meditating. It may also help if they can keep themselves quiet.

4. Play the subliminal messages in the background. Some meditate for the main purpose of clearing their minds. Others utilize it to change their mind-set or thought pattern. It’s in the latter that subliminal messages can be extremely helpful.

Subliminal messages can come in different forms—words, sounds, or images. Usually the purpose of subliminal messages is to change your thought pattern, which is negative, to something more uplifting by means of affirmations.

Consider this as an illustration. You’re having trouble getting rid your addiction on food. You can use the following subliminal messages:

I have the ability to change my weight.
I am confident I can win this food addiction.
I say no to illnesses caused by obesity.

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