Keep on Smiling

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How are you feeling today? Are you sad, angry, depressed, stressed, bored, or feeling miserable? Don’t worry, I have a simple solution to all your problems. Smile, smile and smile. Smile a little bit more. Give a more lively smile so that your smile turns into a laughter. Laugh the way you are treating your problem. Laugh at yourself.

When you smile, everything around smiles with you. Feel as if the flowers, plants, pictures, curtains, carpets, chairs, tables and even your computer is smiling. How are you feeling now in the changed atmosphere! Isn’t the whole scenario changed now? Relax because you are now in a better position to think about your problem in a more positive manner. Look at your problem from a different angle. Talk to your close friend or relative. Take the advice of some expert if you think appropriate.

Smile takes away the stress from your body, relaxes your muscles and makes you feel comfortable. Most people complicate their problems just by trying to find solutions under depression. Think, how can you expect your mind to work positively for you, if you are not mentally and physically relaxed.

Don’t over pressurize your mind by taking unnecessary stress. Stress cannot do anything good to you rather it can kill you. It is a fact that stress related killer diseases are increasing day by day.

The easy and most effective solution to your complex problems is to smile. Start your day with a big smile. Greet people with a smile. Take challenges with smile and keep on smiling and smiling. You can make this world a better place to live just by learning the art of smiling. Learn to relax and smile even in the worst circumstances.

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