In Search of Happiness

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When I was young I had a totally different concept of happiness. I used to think that:

- Money is happiness. The more money you have the more happy you would be.

- Happiness is in wearing expensive branded clothes

- Happiness is in driving latest model cars

- Happiness is in dancing, drinking and dining out

- Happiness is in living a luxurious life

- Happiness is in watching movies and TV shows

- Happiness is in breaking laws for fun, etc.

By the passage of time, my concept of happiness has been totally changed. The luxurious of life did not give me the true happiness which I was looking for. I found happiness in life by changing my thinking and living style. If you are in search of happiness and need my advice then I can now tell you with full confidence that:

- Happiness is in your own skin. It runs in your body with the circulation of the blood.

- Happiness is a pure personal and internal matter. You cannot force a person to be happy unless he/she feels so.

- Happiness does not grow on trees. However, you can cultivate it in the soil of your mind, heart and soul.

- Happiness is the sweet fruit of sharing, caring and loving.

- Happines hugs you with a smiling face when you help other people.

- Happiness is the bye-product of your positive feelings, positive thinking and positive acting.

- Happiness is in living a purposeful life.

- Happiness comes in your life when you establish a love-relationship with God.

- A task well-done always makes you feel happy.

- Any hobby or creative activity is also a good source of happiness.

Don’t chase happiness rather do something that attracts happiness. Let it come in your life in a naturall way. Be open minded and ready to welcome happiness with open hands.

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