In Five Minutes

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Suppose you have only 5 minutes. Think what you can do in that short time.

You can:
- Write your day’s agenda
- Write “things to do”
- Write a short note for your boss or colleague
- Read the message marked as “urgent”
- Make an important telephone call
- Take an appointment from your doctor
- Clean your office desk
- Make a cup of tea/coffee
- Give instruction to any of your workers
- Check your bank account
- Say hello to someone etc. etc. etc.

Suppose you have 60 minutes. Now you have twelve times more time at your disposal. Think how many more things you can do in that much time.

The truth is that you have, as many as, 1440 minutes in a day! Yes, one thousand four hundred forty minutes!! Isn’t it plenty of time? If you plan your time wisely then you can do a lot of things every day. Learn to make good use of your time so that you never complain that you don’t have enough time.

You have read this article in less than 5 minutes. True! In less than 5 minutes you got a wonderful idea to work upon. Now assume that this is not a message from someone else but from your own inner-self. Look around who is talking to you. No one except you. And the message is very clear. Get up and attend to the tasks that you were keeping as pending since long. You will be amazed to see how many things you have done today which, unfortunately, you were putting off since long.

No doubt, the time is running fast but start learning to run faster than the tick tick of the clock. I am sure, you will defeat the time and win the race.

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