Improving Self Esteem in 10 Simple Steps

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How many ways of improving self-esteem are there? It plays an important role in everything we do. Having good self esteem makes one enjoy life to the fullest despite his social standing in life. In fact, some of the most prominent figures in society have problems with their self esteem. The adulation received by actors from the public is no guarantee of good self esteem. Some actors are desperately insecure off stage. Some rich and famous people are victims of low self esteem. Where then do we get good self esteem? If we have low self esteem, are there ways we can improve it? Let us first take a look at its meaning. The word esteem comes from Latin which means to estimate. So self esteem is how you look at yourself, how you estimate yourself. It is a strong influence on how we live our lives. People who constantly received encouragement from home tend to have better self esteem than those who did not. Improving it helps us live life and savor our achievements. If you have suffered disappointment and made mistakes in the past and now suffer from low self esteem then read these helpful tips to get you out of that state.

1. Think positive thoughts about yourself. This allows you to outweigh your shortcomings. Stop destructive thoughts. Daily do the exercise of saying something good about you. If possible, write it down and place it where you can see it the whole day. Constant reminders cause you to live and believe it.

2. Aim for accomplishments and not perfection. There is nothing wrong in aiming for perfection - however, most of the people who failed in this goal ended up unhappy. Aim for accomplishment and enjoy doing it.

3. View mistakes as part of learning. Accept the fact that we all make mistakes. People who do not make mistakes are those who do not do anything. Remind yourself that part of developing your ability and talents are committing errors on the way. We do much of our learning through our mistakes. We have the right to make mistakes, we are only human.

4. Experiment. Do new things, try different activities that will help you know what gifts you have. Your talents must be cultivated and developed. Take pride in what you have.

5. Recognize that there are things you can and cannot change. We cannot change our height or the past that we had. Love yourself the way you are. If you have the ability to change some things you are unhappy with, then change it.

6. Set goals. Plan what you would like to accomplish and how you would do it. Stick to your plan and keep track of your progress.

7. Do voice out your opinions and ideas and take pride in them. We all have the right to have our opinions and ideas be heard.

8. Tell yourself that you are a very special individual. Even identical twins are not completely the same. You were created as a unique individual capable of doing small and great things.

9. Respect yourself. This allows you to gain respect from others. More than anything else, love yourself, you deserve it. It is you who should be able to value your worth, despite what other people think.

10. Learn to listen to criticism. Criticism is an opportunity for you to improve. Often, we encounter unfair criticism - it is only fair then to tell the other person that we disagree with his opinion. Calmly get your message through with a smile. There may be other ways not mentioned here but we will surely learn it along the way. Remember to practice these ways of improving self esteem and you will be a better person for it.

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