If You Want To Achieve Your Goals Ask The Right Questions

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Yes, it is true, ask and you will be given. The trouble is this: We do not know how to ask correctly.

Let me explain the simple premise upon which the above statement rests. Your mind is a wonderful tool. It will provide for you everything you ask of it. Alas, you need to ask in the right way. The part of your mind that is responsible for providing your wishes is the subconscious mind and the subconscious part works in a different way from your conscious mind. Once you understand this and know the difference between the two you will be able to converse properly with your very powerful subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind needs to be treated with clear focus on what you want. This means that you need to word your commands positively and be concise. Let me demonstrate what I am talking about with an example: Let us assume that you are constantly thinking about how fed up you are with your financial situation and say things like: "I have had enough of all these money problems. Please let me not lose everything I have got." your mind sees only two things, namely that you are fed up and that you worry about losing everything you have.

This kind of communication does not represent a clear command to your mind, but is designed to create total confusion. The end result at best will be that nothing happens at all. However, it is far more likely that you will feel bad, despondent and those low energy feelings will pull you down into a negative mental hole from where you see nothing but doom and gloom. If you keep up this way of unfocused thinking you will eventually attract the thing you are most concerned with instead of attracting the things you wish for.

So. let us stay with the above example. Instead of focusing on worrying about losing everything you have got, you should think about what you want to create. Maybe, this could be creating consistently more money than you are spending, or clearing your debt, or both.

This is a good start, because now you are focusing on something you want to achieve. Always remember this important fact about the workings of your mind: Your mind does not understand when you say things like: "I do not want to be poor." It understands: I do want to be poor, not." This sentence makes no sense to your subconscious mind and you should therefore avoid any negatively framed statements.

Be clear in your communication with your subconscious mind and avoid ambiguous questions when you are seeking solutions or ideas to achieve your goals. Simple questions work best. Be sure to focus your mind on your desired outcome. Expect to find the answer to your question now, or when you are ready, but always in timely fashion to assist you.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach, energy therapist and author. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind, a unique approach for happiness and success. Get your free report: 5 little known keys to happiness


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